The Ukraine Folly

by Sean Gangol
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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past four months, Russia has taken it upon itself to invade the country of Ukraine, which had once been part of its vast empire during its Soviet days. My response to this has been the same for anybody who thinks that Russia has no right to attack a sovereign nation like the Ukraine. I have no qualms about condemning Russia for the atrocities committed against the noncombatants of that country. It should go without say that I have absolutely no love for Russia’s president Vladimir Putin, who is nothing more than a despot and a tyrant. The reason why I feel the need to point any of this out is because we have virtue signalers on the left and the neocons on the right who accuse anybody who doesn’t believe in dragging America into what could easily become the Third World War of being a mouthpiece for the Kremlin.

This is nothing new for the left since they have accused Trump during the entire four years of his administration of colluding with Russia, even after all the failed investigations. Anybody who dared to question the unfounded accusations against Trump was in turn accused of being a Russian agent. The left seems to continue this same practice towards anybody who isn’t thrilled about the prospect of America having a direct interference of the conflict between Russian and the Ukraine. You have the nitwits on The View who are accusing people such as Tucker Carlson and congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of being Putin disciples just because they may have concerns over the plants in Ukraine that may be producing biological weapons. Never mind that it seems like a legitimate concern considering that the world just recovered from a two-year pandemic. Their attacks on Tucker Carlson are nothing new since he has managed to turn his routine of making left-wing stooges look stupid into an artform. Now they accuse him of being a cheerleader for Russia and have even called for him to be arrested on the justification that people were once imprisoned for this sort of thing. At least that was what the once funny Whoopie Goldberg said. They have even sunk as low to quote a Mother Jones article that featured an unnamed source from the Russian media that claimed that they take fragments of Carlson’s broadcasts and use them for propaganda purposes INSANE: “The View” Hosts Suggest Tucker Carlson Should Be ARRESTED – YouTube.

It never ceases to amaze me how the women of The View can’t comprehend how stupid they look to anybody with a functioning brain. First all, assuming the Mother Jones’ source is even legit (I still remember that phony Russian Dossier that claimed that Trump was into watersports) what exactly does that prove? Mixing lies with the truth is how propaganda works. It is also evident that these bimbos have never read the Constitution, otherwise they would know that Tucker’s broadcasts are protected by this little bylaw called the First Amendment. While people in the past have been prosecuted for collaborating with Russia it was because they traded secrets that compromised national security, not because they had unpopular views. Even if a person were to go on air with a pair of pompoms and chant “Putin, raw, raw,” it still wouldn’t be a crime because we are not officially at war with Russia.

Then we have everyone’s favorite RINO, Mitt Romney, who not only echoed the same sentiment of the View panel about Tulsi Gabbard, but he flat-out accused her of treason. It’s always nice to know that we also have idiots in Congress who haven’t read the Constitution either. To think that this was the guy that the Republicans Party actually chose to run against Obama in 2012. Then they wondered why a good portion of their conservative base stayed home during that election. Romney seriously needs to just switch parities and be done with it.

Though what I found the most disturbing was an article that was brought to my attention by Jim Davidson since its author, Steven Greenhut was supposed to be a libertarian. Yet if you read the article, it would seem as if it was written by a leftist or a neoconservative. Considering that Greenhut writes for Reason magazine, it shouldn’t have been that big of a surprise. For years this magazine at its best represents the same watered-down version of libertarianism that the Libertarian Party and the CATO Institute have given us. Yet, even by Reason’s standards, Greenhut’s article was a disgrace to any magazine claiming to have a libertarian bent. About the only thing that rings true in this article is the title, Opposing War With Russia Doesn’t Require Excusing Putin’s Aggression ( article itself pretty much goes downhill from the first paragraph. He accuses conservatives and certain libertarians of siding with Putin, though he mainly attacks conservatives such as Paul Craig Roberts and Pat Buchanan. He takes their words out of context to make it seem as if they were endorsing Putin and his actions against Ukraine. Both Daniel McAdams on and libertarian Youtuber, Dave Smith did a much more in-depth analysis of Greenhut’s article, so if you want more details on it I would recommend either checking it out at Libertarians Smearing Libertarians – Part Of The Problem #836 – YouTube or ‘Regime Libertarians’ Go Neocon on Ukraine – LewRockwell All I have to say is that I find Greenhut’s article to be the most appalling drivel to every be published by Reason and that does include that time that they blamed Trump for the fiasco at Charlottesville.

There have also been attacks on conservatives who have pointed out that Russia’s invasion was a result of the actions taken by the corrupt government of Ukraine. I am going to be honest when I say that I know very little about the country, except that it was once part of the Soviet Union and that a figure skater that I had a crush on when I was a teenager was from that nation. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if there was truth about the corruption in the Ukraine’s government, but I don’t think anybody is using this analysis to justify Russia’s attack on a sovereign nation. For that matter I don’t know of any conservative or libertarian who has justified Putin’s actions. Just because you try to understand the motivations of somebody committing horrific deeds, it doesn’t mean that you are justifying them. There are scholars still trying to understand the motivations of Hitler and just about every murderous despot on the planet, but that certainly doesn’t mean that are trying to justify their atrocities. I have this to say to all the virtue signaling leftists, neocons or libertarians who constantly attack those who are justifiably worried about America getting sucked into another World War. If you really care about Ukraine like you claim, then I would suggest that you walk the walk. instead of sending our servicemen in harm’s way, why don’t you take up arms for the people of Ukraine? Why not? Former members of our own special forces, along with a sniper from Canada have volunteered their services. So how about it? That’s what I thought.


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