Jimmy Crack Corn and I Don’t Care

 by Sean Gangol
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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

When I started writing this, the Supreme Court hadn’t yet rendered a decision on whether to overturn Roe vs Wade the famous or infamous (depending where you stand) Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion nationwide. At the time there was a draft opinion that was leaked from the Supreme Court office that showed the real likelihood of Roe vs Wade being overturned. Even then the so-called prochoice side acted as if the world as we know it was about to end. You had proabortion fanatics holding massive protests in costumes from A Handmaid’s Tale as if this nation really had been taken over by that bizarre religious cult from the series. Sadly, that isn’t even the worst of the backlash that the prolife side has received. Many prolife centers that are designed to help women with unplanned pregnancies have been vandalized and even firebombed by abortion fanatics. There was even a man who approached Justice Kavanaugh’s residence with a firearm. That was all before the Supreme Court rendered their decision, so I can imagine how the abortion activists feel now that the opinion is the law of the land.

Years ago, when I was staunchly in the prochoice corner, I probably would have been disturbed by this latest development. Now, I can’t bring myself to care either way on the issue of abortion. Does that mean that I have done a complete one-eighty on the issue? Not at all. As long as the procedure doesn’t occur after the second trimester and the tax payers aren’t forced to pay for it, I am fine with it. Unfortunately, that is where the problem lies. I was the type of guy who actually believed that abortion should remain both rare and safe as Bill “Slick Willy” Clinton once promised. I also believed that the only thing that would ever be aborted was a clump of cells, which amounted to what Dennis Miller once called, a sperm with a bank account. Rare to me for the most part means cases of rape or incest. I have never liked the idea of lumping abortion in the same category as birth control because I think it is downright callous for someone to treat abortion as a failsafe for irresponsible behavior. After all, we do have other forms of birth control and while they aren’t 100% effective, it should still reduce a significant number of unwanted pregnancies.

As for the part about an aborted fetus being nothing more than a sperm with a bank account, it actually became a dead issue when the pro-abortionist kept pushing the acceptable time of termination past the third trimester. Worst yet, you have the governor of Virginia who not only supports abortion after the third trimester, but he believes that it is morally sound to allow a baby who survived the abortion to die outside the womb. This should have brought condemnation from all sides of the political spectrum, yet it was only the conservatives and libertarians who seemed disturbed by the governor’s callous words. One has to ask at what point do we call this infanticide?

Then of course there were all these instances of appalling behavior that I witnessed from the proabortion side, which I wrote about extensively in my article, Confessions of a Prochoice Advocate. Sadly, their behavior hasn’t improved and has gotten increasingly worse. It was one thing when you had fools running through the streets acting as if the world as we know it is coming to an end. The only two things missing is the popular REM song “It’s the End of the World as We Know It” and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ringing a bell while yelling “Bring out your dead” from the 1994 version of The Stand. Yet, they weren’t satisfied with making fools out of themselves in the streets. First, they started disrupting church services around the country and even vandalized a few. Why? I guess it was easier to target prolife Christians than Supreme Court Justices. Not that it didn’t come from a lack of trying, since you had protests occurring outside the homes of the Justices after having their personal information doxed by fanatical abortionists. At one point you had one of those fanatics come up to house of Justice Bret Kavanaugh with a handgun. Around the nation you had prolife centers that were designed to help those with unexpected pregnancies, vandalized and firebombed.

It’s amazing how I once defended the right to have an abortion to my conservative friends, only to find myself many years later unable to stomach any kind of defense for the so-called prochoice movement. I say so-called because the abortionists only seem to be prochoice when it comes to option of terminating a pregnancy. These same people shriek at those who want to have a choice in how their children are educated or the type of weapons that can be used in self-defense. I also don’t recall these same people getting nearly as angry at the draconian measures that shut down small businesses and restricted the rights of American citizens during COVID. Yet they go completely insane over something that wasn’t even considered a right up until fifty-years-ago. What really sickens me about this movement is their moral bankruptcy. First, is their intellectual dishonesty about wanting to make abortions rare and safe. At least we know the part about wanting to be rare is a total lie. Though the worst aspect of the proabortion movement is their inability to condemn the abhorrent behavior of those who support their cause. It’s amazing how the prolife side has no problem lining up around the block to condemn misguided fools in their movement that like to bomb clinics and murder doctors. I can’t say the same for the pro-abortionists, who have yet to actively condemn the violent tactics used by those who support their cause. It’s amazing how according to the Democrats, the entire nation is supposed to be up and arms about a bunch of idiot protestors that ran through the halls of congress, but yet they refuse to do anything about the continued harassment of the Supreme Court Justices by left-wing extremists. They won’t even allow them to have proper security, despite the fact that the life of one of justices has been directly threatened.

These are the reasons why I simply do not care about the issue any longer. I once predicted that the abortionist movement was going to face backlash for their sickening behavior and it turns out that I was proven right. Recently, I read an article from Lew Rockwell’s site that puts the blame on the reversal of Roe vs Wade right where it belongs On Losing ‘Roe’ – LewRockwell LewRockwell.com. It is nice to know that there are still honest people on the prochoice side. Unfortunately, it seems as if the abortion movement has traded intellectual honesty with moral bankruptcy. I say this to the pro-abortionists; you have nobody to blame, but yourselves. Jimmy Crack Corn and I don’t care.


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