Globalism: the Resurrection of Feudalism

by Jim Carter
Jim Carter <[email protected]>

Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Globalism is a concept that can be scaled. As a rudimentary concept, it might be applied to the territorial domination of one nation. As currently envisioned, military tensions with China and Russia would conceive the ultimate grandiose Goldfinger megalomaniac psychopathic disorder.

Such a mental disorder has had a lengthy development.

The destruction of the USS Maine by explosion in Havana harbor was claimed by war mongerers to have been by a Spanish mine and to justify the Spanish-American war. Greedy interests allegedly wanted to seize the Cuban sugar industry. Salvage evidenced the explosion was internal. The theory of a shovel-fed coal fired boiler with redundant safety provisions, used by the ship at anchor to develop electricity for rudimentary communication devices, would overheat and explode was irrational. An alternate theory that the secured ship’s ordnance was detonated suggests sabotage.

RMS Lusitania, a thinly disguised British warship laden illegally with 500 tons of military explosives and civilian USA passengers, was stripped of navel escort and ordered to reduce speed and defensive maneuvering as it entered hostile submarine patrolled area. The incident was hyped for months to justify USA involvement in WW I to prevent default on Wall Street loans to friendly European nations. Ref. Who Started World War One? by Harry Barnes.

The treasonous goal of Wall Street financiers was exposed by General Smedley Butler in his book War Is a Racket. Their 1930’s effort to use him to lead a coup backfired, but no one went to jail.

Official government documents obtained by FOIA have evidenced Wall Street and their crony FDR connived for seventeen months with progressively oppressive sanctions on Japan to provoke a Japanese military aggression. Broken codes identified the precise time of the attack on Pearl Harbor and 3000 military lives were the initial sacrifice to destroy the industrial competition of Japan, Ref. Day of Deceit by John Stinnett.

Wall Street’s use of their crony Allen Dulles to create the CIA to conceal their nefarious acts behind ‘national security’ has been effective. Ref Devil’s Chessboard by David Talbot; The Brothers by Stephen Kinzer.

The Tonkin Gulf lie of a VC naval attack on a U.S. ship has been discredited.

The Bush lie of Iraq having WMD has been discredited.

The invasion of Afghanistan provided the CIA with farmers to grow poppies and supply US drug dealers.

The drug running and illegal arms sales alleged to involve Oliver North and the CIA elevated the status of the Clintons but it, and the three war-mongering actions above, have obscure connections to globalism. Ref. Douglas Valentine relates in CIA as Organized Crime that he sees the corruption of foreign nationals MO by the CIA is being observed within the USA. The two decade-long corruption of Ukraine by DoD and Soros is chapter nine.

But the IMF territorial domination by debt specifically designed for foreclosure documented by William Blum (Killing Hope; CIA and U.S. Military Interventions) is directly linked to Wall Street by John Perkins (Confessions of an Economic Hit Man). Other writers also definitely speak to the social chaos, economic exploitation, and government usurpation it brings. The IMF lists 86 nations that have accepted covid relief credit extended within hours of the covid pandemic announcement. The numbers reported by Blum and Perkins will pale when the 86 start going into default.

Mr. Powell’s announcement to “roll off” (read SELL) the $9 trillion Treasury securities on the Fed’s book to the U.S. government of —apparently private holdings of Treasury securities that were obtained by $15 trillion book-entry credit created by the Fed (without congressional awareness) to rescue TBTF banks (alleged to be covert shareholders of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, Inc.) from default—could conceivably make the USA number 87.

It would appear that China and Russia are projected to be subdued as 88 and 89 unless we have a rebellion by state governments. Congress refuses to stop Wall Street war-mongering.  GO RUNNYMEDE !!

Time will tell, but Klaus Schwab has forewarned us. His prophesy of “You will own nothing but you will be happy,” sounds eerily like a resurrection of an 1860 culture that was found to be unacceptable.

The interesting question that no one asks is: “How does Wall Street finance this action?” That question will be Part Two—assuming this publication is not suppressed as being disinformation.


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