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by Charles Curley
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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Us? Cynical? With that motto of the week? Moi? Nah, we actually do just read a lot of history.

Welcome to the post-Bruen special issue of the Libertarian Enterprise.

Alas, Neil never did get to make his peaceful walk of the entire length of Manhattan “with a handgun on my hip, unmolested by parasites.” There are some “parasites” who would take a dim view of such a walk, and probably initiate violence to stop it. The long term goals of the pro-gun movement should include making such peaceful strolls legally and culturally feasible. Maybe we’ll call them L. Neil Smith Walks.

Globalism hasn’t exactly turned out the way its supporters had hoped. From Roman and Chinese envoys meeting in Sri Lanka to today, global trade has increased. And so has state interference. Jim Carter gives us an introduction to some of the hidden history of the Twentieth Century.

In direct response to the Bruen decision, Cathy L.Z. Smith takes on a spirited argument on why the Nine and a lot of others are all wet.

Last but not least, L. Reichard White returns to these pages with a detailed look at whether police have any affirmative duty to protect you — and the implications of the answer.

Links! Have we got Links!

Rising “Constitutional Carry” Is a Sign of Failing Trust in Government

Can a third party ‘fail forward’? On the so-called Forward Party, formed by Andrew Yang, Christine Todd Whitman, and David Jolly. It’s mostly of interest because the author quotes L. Neil Smith.

Jonathan Turley: Pelosi’s Court: How the Jan. 6 Committee Undermined its Own Legitimacy

“More than half of parents reported that they feel the vaccine is bigger risk to their child’s health than contracting COVID-19 itself, while about 1 in 10 parents said they did not think their child needed the vaccine, or stated they were not worried about COVID-19.” 43% of parents with young kids say their children will ‘definitely not’ get COVID vaccine.

Economic freedom isn’t just a platonic ideal or a philosophical construct. It has practical, real world results. “Amid Recession Fears, Economically Free States Continue to Outperform

And the idea of economic freedom should be backed with solid data.

In the fall of 2021, the Georgia Center for Opportunity worked with experts from Emory University, Texas Public Policy Foundation, and Southern Methodist University to assess the work impact of governmental response to the pandemic. The goal was to better understand what actions caused the largest impact on the opportunity to work and how we might better respond in the future.

This Working Paper is the initial report that shows how severe the response was by state governments and how it directly impacted job loss and recovery.

Vladimir Putin is in thrall to a distinctive brand of Russian fascism.

The New Prohibition: The neuroscientific model of addiction is at odds with our freedom to experience the sensual life. Ronald W. Dworkin


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