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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Oxymoron of the week: “her penis

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In this week’s ‘toon, Murray Rothbard captured the essence of virtue signaling long before the term was invented. Progressives in government find it easy to be ‘compassionate’ with Other People’s Money. And corporate virtue signalers do so at the expense of shareholders and employees.

L. Neil Smith draws an interesting comparison between the attack of September 11, 2001 with the attack on Columbine High School.

Sarah A. Hoyt returns with an essay on finding ways to survive the bad times when the whole rotten stinking mess around us collapses.

And Sean Gangol takes on both the nanny statists and the Fat Acceptance movement.


February 22: Follow the Science: Lockdowns Go Viral (Premiere) hosted by Tom Woods “Follow the Science: Lockdowns Go Viral is a Netflix-caliber pilot episode of what will be a five-episode docu-series. The pilot is a crucial retrospective of what happened to the world in 2020. It focuses on the issue of lockdowns and explores the critical conversations that should have occurred, but never came to pass: do lockdowns prevent the spread of Covid-19? What is the fallout of these globally-implemented policies?”

One of the people involved in the project is Dr. Jay Bhattacharya (Stanford), who first came to my attention with the Great Barrington Declaration.

Feb 15 – April 1, 2023: Libertarian Solutions 3.0 online learning course: How to Share the Libertarian Message with Just About Anyone.

Links! Have we got Links!

“Why should conservatives and independents continue to pay taxes for universities that actively exclude faculty who share their values or viewpoints? Half of this country funds schools that have little tolerance for their values or voices;…” — Jonathan Turley, Captives or Consumers? Public Education Could Be Facing a Major Change

Some in the media not only admit they are biased, but actively call for more bias. How Soviet of them. “Objectivity Has Got To Go”: News Leaders Call for the End of Objective Journalism

How the Atlanta Riots Were Funded A fascinating look at how to fund your own riot. This is big business.

Affirmative Apartheid strikes again. Med School Went Woke After Pressure From Accreditor, Documents Show Do you want a doctor who was admitted to med school due to race or due to good pre-med grades and other evidence of competence?

“Protect the Children”? Or “Politicize the Children”? Inside the GOP’s “Save the kids” strategy The government school system was politicized long ago, and this is just the latest wave and folly. Get your kids out of the government schools!

Speaking of politicizing the children, the dark side of professional licensing: DeSantis Admin Revoking Liquor License From Orlando Venue for Allowing Children at ‘Drag Queen Christmas’

More on politicizing the children: some background on today’s gender ideology. Dr John Money and the sinister origins of gender ideology: How a cruel, amoral experiment helped birth today’s trans movement.

Montessori: The world’s most influential school?

“If suddenly his name is not good enough for the University, then isn’t the proper ethical and, indeed, virtuous action to return the benefactor’s money with interest?” University Removes Slave-Owning Benefactor’s Name, His Family Demands Their $51 Million Back

Neo-Nazi Couple Arrested For Alleged Plot To ‘Completely Destroy’ Baltimore Isn’t the Baltimore city council doing a thorough enough job of “completely destroy[ing]” Baltimore already?

Giorgia on my mind: Popularity of Italy’s PM Giorgia Meloni is a rebuke to EU bureaucrats and European MSM The Economist, long skeptical of Meloni, ran a mostly favorable piece on her first 100 days (January 28, 2023, p. 46).

Search engines filtering results for political reasons is not exclusive to the West. A window into Yandex’s censorship: A source code leak reveals how Russia’s top tech company protects Putin’s image


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