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by Charles Curley
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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

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Our letter this week reminds your editor of a line from Game of Thrones. Only one letter, but it’s a good one.

L. Neil sends a thoughtful letter to a religious person about some of Neil’s views and how he acquired them.

Cathy L. Z. Smith, one of our co-publishers, reviews a documentary series called “Evidence Of Revision”. Revision of what?

Last week we introduced a new talent, Helena d’Argento with the first chapter of her upcoming novel, Monster. This week we present the cast of characters of Monster. It will give you a bit more of an idea where the book goes from its opening chapter.

Jim Davidson mourns the passing of financial leader and entrepreneur Courtney Smith.


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Links! Have we got Links!

The Political Use and Abuse of Children (2012) Your editor has refused to work with the Boy Scouts of America because of all the background investigation, etc., they now require. And half of the children the state is now “protecting” it may yet send into harm’s way in the form of the military draft.

How NOT to run an NGO. Keep this in mind should you ever start one. The Untold Story Behind Syria’s White Helmets: A tale of love, war and Russian disinformation.

A Warning to the Transgender Person Threatening Violence if He’s Stopped From Entering Women’s Restrooms Apparently it did not occur to the author that women (in restrooms or not) are perfectly capable of defending themselves, and have been doing so since before restrooms were invented. If the author does follow a violent trans woman into a women’s restroom, he takes a risk of being shot, knifed, clawed, beaten up, etc. by one or more of the women he claims to be protecting. If you are concerned about violence in women’s restrooms (or violence in general), the proper response is to help women — and men — learn how to defend themselves.

Brazil’s school violence mirrors US. Its reaction doesn’t

Here We Go Again: Deranged Voters Looking for a Political Savior Again. There may be tactical reasons to vote in an election, but elections alone are not enough.

Gun-Free Zones, Red Flag Laws Only Make Gun Crime Worse: Economist

Why the FBI data on crime may be incorrect. POLITICO: Red States Responsible For Vast Majority of Crime Speaking of truth.

Over 100 Harvard professors form council in fight for free speech amid ‘crisis’


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