Divide and Conquer

by Sarah A. Hoyt
[email protected]

Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Yes, the left’s technique, when trying to destroy a country is always divide and conquer. Find or CREATE a malcontent minority that you can use to tell everyone how the country/polity sucks because of how they treated this minority. Then weaponize the minority itself against the majority. Or find a minority (you know which, usually) and blame them for all the trouble fear and strife in the country and make destroying them the sacred mission of the country, while weaponizing everyone else against them. (Because, yes, Nazis were leftist they used this.)

I bring you news of great joy: Whether you are the majority or the minority you are not obligated to fall for this. You don’t have to fall for the brainwashing, the carefully picked screaming heads and the general insanity. It’s not true. it never was true. And it’s playing right into where the left wants you.

I had a friend who is frankly way smarter than this but was black-dogging fall back on “we need to expel every black person, because they’ve been weaponized against us.” Yes, I was pissed, but not awake enough — it was late at night — to tell him the logical “They’ve also weaponized women AS A MINORITY against the nation and everyone else. Do you want to expel all women too?” I suspect in his state of mind he would have told me women need to be burkaed and enslaved. And not realize the monstrosity of this, just like he didn’t realize the monstrosity of defining people by level-of-tan.

So, for those of you who might find yourselves going insane in that way: no, minorities aren’t the problem, Marxists are.

Let’s start with black Americans who are, yes, our most visible minority, in that most of them are physically distinct, kind of. Let me tell you right now, that unless these are people with a recent — i.e. immigrant. Voluntary — African ancestor, most people raised abroad can’t tell they’re black. For all the screaming and tantruming, Meghan Markle could walk the streets of Portugal and be identified as “black” less than I was while wearing an Afro perm and a tan.

Most “American blacks” (No, I will not use the ridiculous African-American. Just like I won’t call myself Portuguese-American. I’m American-American, thank you so much. I worked for it.) as far as racial classification goes are what’s known as “Caucasian.” They will have, at most, a drop of black blood. To call them black is to subscribe to the South’s rule where octaroons (eh.) counted as “black” because they had one black great grandparent. The definition of this is “insanity.”

Yes most Americans can or think they can “detect” black. Whatever they look at might not have anything to do with appearance, but with culture and behavior. And those are not genetic. Trust me on this, because the behavior and culture of the black community in the US has changed completely after they became targets of indoctrination as “aggrieved minority.”

Do you know what other communities are going that way? Well, most people in the US perceive Hispanic/Latin as a race. HOW in heck they do that baffles me, but I know they do because they throw me into it. Technically Portuguese are…. mutts. Greco-Roman with bits of the rest of Europe. Neither Greeks or Romans are perceived as Latin/Hispanic, but Portuguese are.

I suspect most of this is hearing of the person’s origin. It does wonders for people’s perception. I remember the guy who having heard that I was from Portugal kept telling everyone I sounded JUST LIKE Ricky Ricardo. For the record, no I don’t. Which makes perfect sense, because our languages of origin are nothing like in sound. But having heard I was Portuguese before meeting me, he literally heard me with a (Cuban?) accent, like someone who spoke Spanish. Because, yes, most Americans think Portugal is in South America. Never mind.

The point here is that when the State department considered Latin/Hispanic separate “culture” within the US, they didn’t consider it a race. But everyone else considers it a race. And then goes looking for it.

To be fair, I’ve heard of Arabs being assumed to be Hispanic/Latin too, so the spectrum is really broad.

So, how come they/we are now an ethnicity? Well, because the state declared us a separate category, and that’s how humans work.

If you got rid of every visible minority — I’m not sure how getting rid of women works, but hey Johns Hopkins has ideas, apparently — the Marxists could create others out of clear blue sky. I mean, everyone knows gingers are discriminated against in film. How hard is it?

And once the state starts considering you a special, treated as special category, several things happen, none of them good for you.

One is that people start assuming none of your achievements or hard work are real. This applies to women as well as black people, Hispanics, etc. (Really glad for changed first name and married name. At least I escape some of that in writing. Well, not the woman. I am still, I swear, going to write mil sf under a male name and dare you to find me.) AND you are indoctrinated from day one to see every set back as the result of systemic discrimination, which in turn makes it hard — really hard — to improve and learn to be resilient.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with black people in America that being treated in a color blind way, and given the real history of world slavery (Everyone has slave ancestors. Yours might be a little closer. So what? And that’s a MIGHT since in the rest of the world there’s still a lot of slavery, sometimes under different names) wouldn’t fix.

It’s not genetic. It’s active manipulation.

And even then most blacks, most women, most Latins, etc are NOT the entitled stereotypes you see on TV and read about. No, those are the biased media amplifying them.

Most gay people are not the stereotypes you hear about. (When I went door to door for the republicans in get out the vote efforts, I hate to tell you how many gay couples I ran into, including the gentleman who was baking a cake, apron on and said “Do we need to go? It’s my partner’s birthday” (This was pre gay marriage in CO) and I said “we’re reliably told the dems have an advantage right now.” He took his apron off, and went inside yelling, “Honey, we have to go voting.” I was a door down, when I saw them pull out and drive away. Are they the majority. No. But they were sold a bill of goods about communitarian politics, which I explored in AFGM, actually.)

For heaven’s sake, most of the trans, particularly those who transitioned well before this, are not like the crazy idiot who wrote the Johns Hopkins thing talking of Men and Non-Men while saying he’s always been a woman. (For that deranged person only biological men can be women, I guess???) They’re just people who want to live their lives.

What the media sells you as versions of these groups is wrong. And if you got rid of these groups, they would weaponize other groups.

The cure is not to attack the people they tell you are the enemy, but to attack the ideology, and to point out that what you see on TV/online is not reality. (I have it on good authority most of the people you see online are dogs. Arf.)

And while the idiots exist, they are nowhere near a majority or even the numbers the media tells you they are.

It’s just gaslighting. And you’re not OBLIGATED to fall for it.

Also,could all right-side commenters stop saying “The country/republic you knew is gone” and variations thereunto? It’s stupid: the country and republic are occupied. Arguably this has been going on for oh… almost 100 years, but we just noticed now, because barn, horses, etc. (Also thanks to blessed Trump the mask-remover. If he did nothing else that would be enough to call him blessed!)

Our “elites” are a thin and brittle mask of scum at the top.

The people? The people are all right. A lot of us are broke, a lot are unemployed, and an increasingly large bunch are trying to figure out how to survive day to day.

BUT always remember in face of the most determined psi-ops against Trump and the right in general, which included mass house arrest to keep us from talking to each other and get us to watch TV again, people hunched their shoulders and voted for Trump — or against the leftists, more like — in unprecedented numbers.

The republic isn’t gone. Stop falling for the gaslighting. More importantly, stop aiding the gaslighting.

The republic — the PEOPLE — of these United States of America are fine. We are just occupied. But we are fighting back in myriad ways, including refusing going along with the narrative.

I do realize saying it’s all doomed, or it’s the fault of x minority, or even that “the republic is gone” excuses you from having to do anything about what’s going on. You can be depressed and tranq yourself into uselessness by one mean or another.

BUT is that what you want to do? Is it really? Or do you want to stand on two and build over, build under, build around?

I know which I want to do. Be not afraid.

We’ve got this.


Reprinted from According to Hoyt for June 15, 2023

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